DU Gamers

The Raid on Greenest
A trial by fire
“When we arrived in Greenest, we found the town aflame. Kobolds and cultists ran wild amongst the charred ruins, and in the distance a dragon raged claws and lightning against the keep…”

Combat in Greenest took an early toll on the party, with two characters killed by roaming kobolds in the opening exchanges of the raid. Making their way to the keep, the players soon discovered that this attack was both coordinated and overwhelming, and that the town’s defences were unlike to withstand the onslaught without their aid.

Taking their cue from Governor Nighthill and Castellan Redbeard, the characters made several daring forays and desperate stands against an overwhelming enemy, saving dozens of innocents and securing key assests in the town. Heroes were proclaimed as the half-dragon Cyanwrath was vanquished in battle! This was not without cost, however; the deaths continued to mount as enemies began to form organised groups and set ambushes.

The greatest casualities were taken when the blue dragon assaulted the keep directly, killing several heroes in a brief but intense assault. Despite the losses, the characters drove off the dragon, and with it, the raiders. As the pre-dawn light spread in the East, the survivors cast their eyes over a desolate scene.

In the early hours a council was formed to determine the fate of Greenest. Plans were made to abandon the now ruined keep, donating the armoury to its saviours in exchange for avenging Greenest and gathering information about the force that attacked the town: the nefarious Cult of the Dragon.


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