The secret society known as the Harpers has been disbanded and rebuilt several times over its long history. The latest incarnation of the group retains its focus on gathering information, keeping a close watch on the balance of power in Faerun, and promoting fairness and equality in quiet, unobtrusive ways. Harpers try to keep out of the public eye, preferring secrecy to fame and using knowledge to win the day over brute force.

The Harpers operate the most extensive information and subterfuge network in the Sword Coast, with the Zhentarim in close second. Unlike the Zhentarim, however, the agents of the Harpers cannot be bought and will not work against each other. United by ideals rather than greed, agents of the Harpers are found in all walks of life. Most Harpers would not even consider themselves agents, simply correspondents sharing what little information passes their way. Dedicated members of the Harpers may find their influence spreads to a large network of associates, willing to give what aid they can.

The Harpers value independence and freedom, and their agents are controlled with a very loose leash.

Leosin the Half-Elf is a member of the Harpers.


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