Lord's Alliance

This organisation was created and is led by leaders and nobles from many races and nations across Faerun. Although many of its members have conflicting goals and long-standing rivalries outside the alliance, they band together in the face of events that are too big for any of them to handle on their own. The rulers of Waterdeep, Silverymoon, Baldur’s Gate, and other cities, families, and trading houses of the Sword Coast might never set aside their differences, but they can pull together when the survival of all depends on it.

Although patronage of the Lord’s Alliance is based around nobility rather than wealth the two are often synonymous in the city states and dominions of the Sword Coast: an impoverished duke may find himself under extreme pressure to retire to his family estates in favour of a more successful rival. As such, the agents of the Lord’s Alliance rarely find themselves in want of resources when on official business.

Characters from aristocratic or wealthy backgrounds are likely members or agents of the Lord’s Alliance, either through a conscious decision to join or through familial bonds.

Castellan Escobart The Red of Greenest is a member of the Lord’s Alliance.

Lord's Alliance

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