Order of the Gauntlet

The Order of the Gauntlet share the Harpers’ dedication to justice and equality, but their methods and attitude are quite different. Bearers of the sacred gauntlet are devotees of Tyr and Torm on a righteous quest to crush evil and promote justice, and they never hide in the shadows. Evil must be opposed openly and vanquished in the light of day, so that all can see and be emboldened by its destruction.

Unlike many of the other factions operating along the Sword Coast, the Order of the Gauntlet makes no pretence about its membership or mission. Beyond its core membership of paladins and clerics, the Order recruits any who are brave enough to publicly defy evil and take a stance in the light. Agents of the Order are often patronised and held as examples by clergy and religious folk of all righteous denominations: the higher ground is defined by where they stand.

Members of the Order are driven by religious fervor and by devotion to the principle of justice for all. Camaraderie runs high within the Order, and individual members might risk anything to save a fellow member or to complete an important mission.

Lady Hightower of Greenest is a paladin sworn to the Order

Order of the Gauntlet

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